Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the explanations we thought were more important and that our customers looked for in this 8 years (since 2015).

Contact us through Whatsapp (+351 911 958 659), where you will receive a welcome message and a link with the available services and respective prices. Then you will have to indicate your name, pickup address, type of service and when you want the pickup and delivery.

Pickup and delivery are arranged when you make a pickup request, and are adjustable to schedules at times close to your delivery address. For a dedicated delivery at the time you prefer, a charge of 10€ is applied.

We recommend that you keep track of the number of parts, however, we do this count at the start of the service for exact part control and part designation.

You can pay by cash on collection or transfer via the Revolut, N26, and MB Way apps.

For specific stain removal treatment you can subscribe to a service that includes this act and we will use the necessary products and processes to attempt the stain removal. When an express service is requested there may not be enough time to apply all the products and processes for attempted stain removal.

As a rule, any hotel will accept to store your laundry together with the cash payment, just tell us that Ironing Hero will pick it up. If the hotel does not have this service the pickup is scheduled to be done in person or one of our drop-off points is indicated. As for payment, we have alternative payment methods.

Yes, as the clothes require, it is separated by dark clothes, light clothes, delicate colors and textiles, hand wash and dry clean.

Yes, just indicate when you order or when we notify you that the clothes are ready.

The minimum value of the service is 20€, which includes pickup and delivery. For service requests below the minimum value, a fee of 5€ is added for pickup and 5€ for delivery.

There is no maximum limit of parts.

Yes, for orders that specify the application of this detergent.

If you are allergic or simply do not want softener applied, you can request it when ordering the service.